Tom Et Lola Film Video Tom Et Lola Film Ending?

Tom et Lola film ending? - tom et lola film video

Recently I heard a very moving French film called Tom and Lola, two children forced to live in bubbles, as they are terminally ill. After reading the various versions of the story, I am anxious times as many people as "unexpected" is mentioned. Who knows what happened, or someone has seen it happen yourself?


Mowgli said...

Yes, I saw the movie, but it gives away the movie ending the Internet probably frowned upon. So to avoid spending the maximum penalty for the rest of my life in a plastic bubble, click the link below for screen shots of key scenes that give you some advice, but not the whole story.

The conclusion feels more authentic than the standard provides "end, but some may be disappointed. Fortunately, we do not see this film only for the final round. It's the journey that counts, not the destination.

lollipop... said...

I do not know, why not read the spoilers?
Great Christmas movie btw

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